Education of PhDs is a crucial element in our research laboratories and this strong interest can be seen in our total number of 67 PhD graduated! This group includes students from EE, APAM, Physics, Chemistry, and Materials Science. Many of the studies have carried out a portion of our research at both industrial and national laboratory labs.


Our PhD alumni are listed below (67):


1. Chen, Julian Chengjun. Physics of photochemical metallization : photodissociation of metal alkyl

    molecules in gas phase and on surfaces (1985)

2. Podlesnik, Dragan Valentin. Laser-controlled aqueous etching of GaAs (1986)

3. Krchnavek, Robert Raymond. Laser processing for microelectronics fabrication (1986)

4. Holber, William Martin. Laser-assisted plasma etching (1987)

5. Tong, Franklin Fuk-Kay. Electron-beam-pumped semiconductor lasers (1987)

6. Willner, Alan Eli, Laser-controlled photochemical etching of semiconductors for electro-

    devices (1988)

7. Shaw, Ping-Shine. Surface physics of divalent metal alkyls on SiO₂ (1989)

8. Sanchez, Esaul. Infrared studies of dimethylcadmium absorbed on silicon passivated


9. Treyz, George Victor. Laser processing of semiconductors and polymers for applications in

    microelectronics and integrated optics (1990)

10. Liberman, Vladimir. Light-induced reaction of chlorine and chlorine-containing
compounds with

      GaAs (110) surfaces (1991)

11. Chen, Lee. UV laser induced photoion emission from semiconductor surfaces (1988)

12. Licata, Thomas John. Novel doping and surface modification processes for III-V

      using laser-induced chemistry in organometallic ambients (1990)

13. Cacouris, Theodore. Laser assisted aluminum deposition for microelectronics
applications (1990)

14. Ruberto, Mark Neil. The laser-controlled micrometer-scale etching of semiconductor
multilayers for

      integrated optical device fabrication (1991)

15. Quiniou, Bertrand Olivier Marie. Scanning microscopy, buried interfaces and image-
potential states


16. Schwarz, Wolfgang Nikolaus. A study of the photodissociation physics of methyl bromide 
on gallium

      arsenide (110) (1992)

17. Shor, Joseph S. SiC device technology for high temperature sensor and electronics


18. Lu, Zhong. A study of the materials chemistry of monolayer oxides on compound


19. Zhu, Nongfan. Selective aluminum chemical vapor deposition for microelectronic and

      applications (1993)

20. Ghandour, Osman Ahmad. Laser-assisted indium phosphide via etching for applications

      microwave, millimeter-wave, optical, and optoelectronic integrated circuits (1994)

21. Eldada, Louay. Laser-controlled rapid prototyping of photonic integrated circuits (1994)

22. Shi, Mingzhang. Characterization of low temperature photochemical etching of GaAs and 

      application (1994)

23. Freiler, Michael Brian. The application of photon-driven cryoetching to micro- and

      fabrication (1995)

24. Ilić, Igor. Numerical techniques for wide angle propagation and beam propagation design 

      multimode devices (1997)

25. Hu, Hai (Martin). Design and laser-fabrication of waveguide components and integrated

      circuits  (1998)

26. Lasky, Peter. Photoreactions on (110) compound semiconductor surfaces (1998)

27. Khan, Khalid. Photoinduced dissociation of n-alkyl bromides on GaAs(110) and
GaAs(100) :

      electron and fragment dynamics (1999)

28. Levy, David. The design and fabrication of integrated optical power splitters (1999)

29. Huang, Zhengyu. Design and fabrication of integrated optical waveguide devices (1999)

30. Han, Ming. In situ investigation of surface chemistry for chemically driven atomic layer
epitaxy of

      II-VI Semiconductor thin films (2000)

31. Ramadan, Tarek. New Optical coupler devices (2000)

32. Luo, Yi. Low-temperature chemically-driven atomic layer epitaxy for II-VI material growth (2000)

33. Fujita, Junichiro. Designs and fabrications of integrated optical isolators (2000).

34. Shen, Xiaojun. Electrons on stepped metal surfaces : energetics and dynamics (2000)

35. Radojevic, Antonije, Crystal ion sliced films of LiNbO3 for integrated optics applications (2002).

36. Ahmad, Rokan. Fabrication of ultra-compact photonic components in semiconductors (2002)

37. Rao, Hongling. Optical electromagnetics simulation of strongly reflective structures for

      photonics (2002)

38. Adib, Kaveh. Molecular-level chemistry of model single-crystal oxide surfaces with model 

      halogenated compounds (2002)

39. Izuhara, Tomoyuki. Crystal ion slicing of single crystal thin films for optical and electrical

      applications (2004).

40. Smadici, Serban. Image stages on bimetallic flat and stepped surfaces : ultrafast two-

      photoemission spectroscopy (2005)

41. Espinola, Richard. Design, fabrication and characterization of ultrasmall SOI-based

      photonics devices (2005)

42. Bahl, Mayank. Electromagnetic simulations of active and nonlinear photonic devices (2005)

43. Zhu, Zuoming.  Epitaxial growth and characterization of II-VI-semiconductor, one

      nanostructures and thin films (2006)

44. Djukic, Djordje. Active integrated optics devices in thin films of lithium niobate by crystal
ion slicing


45. Roth, Ryan M. Crystal ion slicing of optical oxides and plasmon-enhanced optical


46. Chen, Xiaogang. Nonlinear optics in silicon photonic wires : theory and applications

47. Hsieh, I-Wei. Silicon-Photonics : design, fabrication, and characterization of On-Chip

      Interconnects (2009)

48. Cao, Lina. Scattering of surface plasmon polaritons by metallic nanostructures (2009)

49. Chen, Tsung-Liang. The Interfacial Physics and Growth of Nanoscale Metal Oxides (2009)

50. Ofan, Avishai. Physics of heavily implanted single crystal complex oxides (2010)

51. Knox, Kevin R. Investigations of the Band Structure and Morphology of Nanostructured


52. Liu, Xiaoping. Nonlinear Applications using Silicon Nanophotonic Wires (2011)

53. Gaathon, Ophir. Incorporation of Nonconventional Crystalline Materials onto the

      Photonics Platform (2012)

54. Driscoll, Jeffrey. Silicon Photonics : All-Optical Devices for Linear and Nonlinear
Applications (2014)

55. Grote, Richard. Nanophotonics for Optoelectronic Devices : Extrinsic Silicon Photonic

      and Organic Photovoltaics (2014)

56. Zaki, Nader Wasfy. A Correlated 1-D Monatomic Condensed Matter System : Experiment 

      Theory (2014)

57. Hong, Sung Young. Multi-Photon Spectroscopic Studies of Molecule/Metal Interfaces and 

      Graphene (2014)


58. Souhan, Brian Defect Mediated Sub-Bandgap Optical Absorption in Ion-Implanted Silicon Nano-

      Wire Waveguide Photodetectors (2015)

59. Huang, Hsu-Cheng. Radiation Damage and Radiation-Based Device-Fabrication
Techniques in

      LiNbO3 (2015)

60. Li, Zhisheng. Surface Chemistry Studies of Transition Metal Oxides: Titanium Oxide and
Iron Oxide


61. Yeh, Po-Chun. Van der Waals Layered Materials : Surface Morphology, Interlayer
 Interaction, and

      Electronic Structure (2015)

62. Jin, Wencan. Electronic Structure and Surface Physics of Two-dimensional Material

      Disulfide (2017)

63. Meng, Xiang. Emerging Nanophotonic Applications Explored with Advanced Scientific

      Computing (2017)

64. Ahmed, Asif. Exploration of Novel Applications for Optical Communications using Silicon 

      Nanophotonics (2018)

65. Lin, Yi. Surface Electron Dynamics for Intercalated Graphene (and Other 2D Materials)
on a Metal

     Template (2019)

66. Yang, Hao. Advanced Applications in Nanophotonics (2019)

67. McMillan, James Flintoft. Investigations of Nonlinear Optical Phenomenon and Dispersion in

      Integrated Photonic Devices (2019)

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